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Don's Bellemont Skye

Male Proven
Born September 11, 2004
ARI # 30472877

Sire: 6 Peruvian Accoyo The Last Don ARI# 808078 White
Dam: Puella ARI# 811538 Light Fawn

1/2 Accoyo .Skye has matured into an impressive male. He remains easy to handle and his fleece has an incredible hand. His first two cria are white and beautiful.

His fiber remains soft for a six-year old male!
2005 AFD 20.0 SD 4.8 CV 23.1 %>30 4.3
2006 AFD 18.2. SD 4.1 CV 22.5 %>30 1.9
2007 AFD 23.2 SD 5.9 CV 25.5 %>8.4
2010 AFD 24.8 SD 4.7 CV 20.5 %>0>6.7

AWARDS: .1st place in fleece (four in class 220) at AFCNA show. .What a gentleman Beautiful soft crimpy fleece with great lustre. His conformation is perfect. Sweet tempered.

Judge Amanda Vandanbosch cites his fleece as "Clear Winner for Expression of brightness, fineness and overall uniformity."


Stud Fee $1000


3 years

Histogram 2007

Thunder's Best

Born August 16, 2005
ARI # 30013672

AFD 17.3 SD 3.9 CV 22.5 %>30µ 0.9

Sire: Silver Thunder ARI# R824940 SG
Dam: Isabell's Angelina ARI# R833631 DB

With Bolivian Black Thunder on his sire's side, and Wily Coyote and Request the Best on his Dam's side, Thunder's Best has grey all the way. Great coverage and fine, fine, rose-gray fleece. When shorn, he looks more gray than rose. But either color, check out his fleece statistics!

Placed 4th in a competitive yearling class (238) of seven at New England Coastal Classic 2006

Placed First at New England Coastal Classic 2007 2 and older males.

Judges' comments;

"Nicely balanced, Finest fleece in group. Good Handle. Balanced, complete package. Nice young male."


$1000 Breeding fee .Test those genetics with your gray female. Or make an offer, we are interested in breeding trades.

UPDATE: He is producing gray much of the time. .

Histogram 2007

First place New England Coastal Classic 2007
Thunder 19 months

No question "Who's his daddy." Silver Thunder

Bred Females  

Kokopelli's Theresa

Proven Female, PPPeruvian Yupanqui grandaughter
Born October 14, 2007
ARI # 0030815780

Sire: Yupanqui's Kokopelli ARI#818091
Dam: Sensation's Andromeda #818774

This very feminine and true-to-type female will win your heart. Her fleece is very bright, a soft buttery light fawn, and crimp from her head to her toes.

Theresa continues to be lovely as she grows.


Her first cria is on the ground-- a gorgeous fawn male by Don's Bellemont Skye.

She is bred to Thunder's Best for a Spring 2013 cria.

2 months

1 year

Sugar N Spice

Proven Female, Evander granddaughter
Born September 2, 2006
ARI # 30815827

Sire: Sugar Ray ARI# 845639
Dam: Puella ARI# 811538
Service Sire: AAR Orion
UPDATE: Gave birth to beautiful rose-gray male--our of Thunder's Best. NO Spots

This is Sugar Ray's third cria and his first girl. She is a knockout. Her fleece is bright, full of crimp and almost a mocha color. If I had to distinguish her from Evie, a full Evander daughter, I would have a hard time finding any differences. The crimp character is almost identical

Sugar Ray is an Evander son and it looks like those genes keep coming through even to the next generation.

6th place out of 12 at North American Alpaca show. I was told several times over, that just being allowed to stay in the ring was a real credit to my animals. The show was extremely competitive.


Sugar N Spice 1 year

Sugar N Spice 2 months


Evander's Evie

Proven Female, Evander daughter
Born August 19, 2006
ARI # 30815773

Sire: Evander ARI# 808844
Dam: Andromeda ARI# 818774
Service Sire: Don's Bellemont Skye


This typey female has a truly femine look. She is out of a great mom and the amazing Evander co-owned by SIlverCloud Farm. His crias have been consistently outstanding and she is no exception. Fleece with well-defined high frequency crimp from the base of the fiber to its tips. This picture does not do it justice. One person looking at her said "There's Evander," and "Too bad I am not looking for white."

We continue to be impressed with her. Her face has that Evander look, with fleece coverage all over including between the bridge of her nose and her eyes.

Read about her grandsire 5Peruvian Inca Ransom 9049.

Evie's half sister out of Evander (Floats like a Butterfly) sold for $40,000 at the Futurity last year and took second of six in Class 211. Wouldn't you like to add Evie to your breeding program?

Sixth out of 10 at New England Coastal Classic in competitve white class.

Congratulations to Michelle Tessier owning Evie's first cria.

Her second is beautiful female---with one small spot. Her fiber is bright and fine. .



Evie 1 year

Evie fleece at first shearing. (Click for larger Image)

Head, 7 months

Histogram 2007

Magnito's Mystique

Bred Female
Born September 12, 2005
ARI # 30013238

AFD 20.5 SD 4.8 CV 23.4 %>30µ 4.2

Sire: SA Peruvian Magnito ARI# 837728 MF
Dam: Peulla ARI# 811538

Service SIre: Thunder's Best 30013672

PPPeruvian Grand Master granddaughter. A rich brown. Her 1/2 sister sold for $30,000 at AOBA 2006 auction at just six months of age. Skye's (her 1/2 brother) fleece, won first at the AFCNA fleece show in Las Vegas. She shares the exceptional brightness of that fleece that was commented on by the Judge.

Update: Mystique had a bay black female and a dark brown female by Dalia's Domingo.

2012 She had a medium brown male by Thunder's Best. He has is Daddy's whtie face.

Due: Late Spring 2012


Mystique 14 months

Do they come any cuter?

Histogram 2007

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Proven female
Born September 21, 1996
ARI # 811538

Sire: Import
Dam: Import
Service Sire:Breeding now to Captain Nemo Codi ARI # 804422
Due: July 2009

Puella is a perfect Mom. Has delivered seven crias completely independently, high IgG, moustache- producing milk-supply. AFD was 24.7 after five babies! --not bad for a lady her age. What a beautiful face on this girl.

Even at 12, Puella is a great-looking alpaca. She would give someone a great start.



QAI Dolores

Proven female
Born 1996
ARI # 807822

Sire: Import
Dam: Import
Service Sire: Mountain Brook Guillermo
Due: June 21, 2009

Update June 19, 2009: Had male cria, Name pending: White! Lively and strong.

Dolores is a fantastic mom. Plenty of milk and always watching out for her cria. A reliable breeder.

Another great foundation female who would give someone a low-cost entry into alpacas.





Fiber Boys  



If only Tantric's fleece were finer, he would be as close to perfect as we could get. He is a big-boned "macho" male, long staple, well-defined crimp, consistent and density to die for. You would have plenty to spin if you had him in your fiber herd.


Prince William

Born June 9, 2007 (Chuck's birthday!)
ARI # 30815841

Sire: Sugar Ray ARI# 845639
Dam:QAI Dolores ARI# 807822

Sugar Ray does it again with another striking dark brown male. Look at the helmet on that head and the coverage on face and legs. Looking into his fleece is a sight to behold.

Update: Now that he is shorn, we notice that he has some white fibers coming through--I think he would have to be classed "indefinite."

His half brother just took Reserve Champion at the Coastal Classic.

Boys package:
Prince William, White Gold and Huasacar


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White Gold

Fiber boy (not yet gelded)
Born September 2007

This guy is all personality and friendly. His conformation is excellent but his fiber just doesn't have the density we are hoping for.

Boys package:
Prince William, White Gold and Huasacar


Born May 21, 2000
ARI # 823954

Sire: Bolivian Avenger
Dam: QA Regina de Peru

Huascar was the perfect companion animal when the herd was small but now that our herd has grown we don't need him.

Boys package:
Prince William, White Gold and Huasacar


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Other Products


Luxurious yarns



We have many yarns available throughout the year. Some keep changing as I fire up the dye pots and get creative.



Evening Granite

Fiber pieces brand
Blend: 82% Alpaca 18% Merino
Weight 4 oz
Length 200 yards
Size DK #5-7 needles
Gauge: 18-24 sts/4in

$36.00 per skein

Sold out


Fiber pieces brand
Blend :82% Alpaca/18% Merino
Weight: approx. 3.5 oz
Length: 200 yards
Size : 2-ply DK, use 5-7 US needles
Gauge: 18-22 sts/4 in

$36.00 per skein

Sold out

Sebago Blue

Fiber pieces brand
Contents:70% Alpaca/30% Merin
Weight: approx. 4 oz
Length: 200 yards
Size : Medium Worsted Weight, use 7-9 US needles
Gauge: 16-20 sts/4 in

$36.00 per skein

Sold out

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Raw Fleece


Raw Fleece for sale


Evander's Evie

<1 lb cria fleece, quite a bit of vegetative matter but beautiful fleece
$25 per pound

Don's Bellemont Skye

2005 Cria fleece
Blanket $ Sold
Neck and Legs Sold

2006 fleece Took first place at the AFCNA fleece show.
Blanket 2.8 lbs available Sold
Seconds 1.6 lbs available

Skye's fleec for 2012 will be available for sale at Fryeburg Fair 2012

One hand-spinner said of his cria neck and legs fleece--"I would never call this neck and legs. It is like prime fleece."


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