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2008 brought us our first "grand daughters" Ebony and Ivory. They are white and black respectively. I know, those colors should be reversed but they were named by my daughter's friend who is black--and you guessed it my daughter is white. They were known as "Ebony and Ivory" on campus--when we named Ebony, we didn't know we'd get an Ivory too ,but the names have stuck. Ebony is just as soft as her dad our own "Don's Bellemont Skye" and Ivory is just as soft as her Momma, "Magnito's Mystique." Both are just lovely to behold and it if fun having our first black alpaca on the farm. Looking forward to more "grands" next Spring.


Happy New Year

In 2007, we have two males and one female born and we use our own stud for the first time with two outside breedings as well.

Our first trip to North American Alpaca show brings two ribbons and at New England Coastal Classic, we bring home our first blue in halter.

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December 19, 2002 We purchase Puella, Angelina and Juney from Chase Tavern Farm.

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April 12 we hold a party to help clear our pastures. Lot of people come and help and we are exceedingly grateful.

April 21 we help shear at Chase Tavern and get to bring home our first fleece.

April 24 they begin installing the high-tensile electric fencing.

May 8 they finish the fencing. May 8 Puella and Angelina arrive at the farm. Juney is still back at Chase Tavern being bred.

August 11 First cria born on our farm. Puella gives birth to Golden Echo at 1:00 PM. Textbook birth. No complications. One hour he wasn't there. The next hour he was.

August 14 Juney arrives bred to Evander.

August 29 Puella and Echo return to Chase Tavern Farm for Peulla to be bred to the The Last Don.

September 9 Angelina, after a difficult, vet-assisted birth, delivers Tupac at 9:30 PM.

September 16, Tupac passes away in the night due to complications of pneumonia. We hope this is our share of difficulties and everything will be smooth from here on in.

September 22 we sell our first fleece at Common Ground Fair.

October 3, Angelina delivered to Chase Tavern Farm to be bred to Silver Thunder. Juney goes along for the ride and we return with a borrowed gelding "Husecaar" to keep Juney company.

October 11, Gay is a guest speaker on a panel of new breeders at the New England Coastal Classic.

November 14, Angelina and Puella with Echo in tow, come back from being bred. We stop at the vet for their pregnancy check on the way.

November 19, Vet calls with results. Both are bred. Our "herd" of four is finally home for awhile.

November 29, We call Tim & Cindy at Chase Tavern to see when we can bring Husecaar. Tim and Cindy generously give him to us! We now have five and already a companion for Echo when he is ready to be weaned.

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January 25, Behavior test Angelina with Tell Vaccoyo's Triumph- Bad news. Not bred. :(

April 27 We deliver Angelina back to Chase Tavern for rebreeding to Silver Thunder. Angelina, Puella and Echo shorn.

May 23 Chuck attends neo-natal clinic with LaRue Johnson. Now that he knows what to do, we are ready for Juney to have her cria.

May 26 We wait and wait for Juney to have her baby. Cold, wet and rainy. She is at Day 352. Bets anyone?

June 4 at day 361 Juney delivers her new baby. Evander has a new son.

June 6 we go on line with "The Alpaca that everyone can afford to own." See our for sale page.

June 23 Juney goes back to Chase Tavern Farm to be bred to award winning Altiplano Gold. Angelina returns.

June 25 Echo goes to "summer camp" at Mountain Brook Farm. He is acting a little too studly and bothering Angelina.

August 3 Angelina, Puella and Huusacar join Echo at Mountain Brook Farm due to a fire at their barn.

August 29, Juney and Ande come home, Angelina goes to Chase Tavern Farm to be rebred.

September 11 Puella gives birth to Don's Bellemont Skye out of The Last Don.

October, 2004 Juney and Ande both die.

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November 11 Purchase Dolores.

August 16, Angelina gives birth to Rose Grey son out of Silver Thunder, "Thunders's Best."

September 12, Puella gives birth to our first girl! Magnito's Mystique.


April 14, 2006 Trade Isabella's Angelina for Sensation's Andromeda bred to Evander.

May 25, 2006 Delores gives birth to Destini's Dahlia.

August 19, Andromeda gives birth to Evander's Evie

August Skye's fleece wins a first at the AFCNA fleece show!

September 2, Puella gives brith to Sugar N Spice

October 16, Thunder takes fourth place at New Englad Coastal Classic.

November We become part owner of Dahlia's Domingo and are coowners of Mystique with Graceland Farm. Mystique is bred to Domingo. Andromeda is bred to Yupanqui's Kokopelli.

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