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Sitting in one of these rockers recalls summer afternoons sipping lemonade or relaxing by the fire. The exceptional balance and design of these rockers makes for perfect “rhythm” with no dead space in the rocking. Ideal for mothers with new babies. A friend of ours who has had major back surgery uses one as her primary chair in the house for watching TV. The firm seat and back provide support not possible in an upholstered chair.
Chairs can be ordered with a ladder or woven back. Add $20.00 additional for shawl rail. Also available in “sewing rocker” style, a smaller seat without arms. Detail photo shows turnings on front posts.

Model  Price  Description / Dimensions
Rocker, ladderback with arms $540 Seat 18 ½" high, 18 deep, 21 ½ wide 41 ½
Rocker, weaveback with arms $570 Seat 18 ½" high, 18 deep, 21 ½ wide 41 ½
Rocker, weaveback, no arms $475 Seat 18" high, 16 deep, 19 ½ wide Overall 41 ½”

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